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Lost paradise

Do not wait for death; life is your salvation. It is in life, where the transformation is to be achieved; it is on Earth, where we progress and learn. It is in life, where we get our Victory. Then, the law of evolution stops being the law of opposites, which are continuously uplifting us from our human childhood. It is to become law of light and eternal progress - a new evolution of the joy for Truth. The victory is to be achieved only once. All people should cooperate for one victory for all.

We have a full-scale strategic problem in front of us. What other adventures do we need? They have been over Since Jules Verne. What did they bring us? Nothing. Everything is over by now. What war, what revolution is worth spilling blood for it? All the Everests and the ocean depths have been conquered, everything counted up to the stratosphere. Perhaps, it all have been done to bring us to the only solution in this suffocating world, to the only true discovery?

With believing in our short-sightedness, we have decided to "fix" the Divine, switching it with machines. Nonetheless, now all this metal, all these machines are "fixing" us!. Perhaps, this is the Grand Idea - to make humanity defeat the machine matrix, to prove that we are better than our creations. "They keep on walking around, getting hurt and falling down - as blind men, led by a blind man," - the Upanishads have been saying it for ages (Mundaka Upanishads 1.2.8). Has the time come to set our vision above all our toys? The greatness of man is not what he is (now), but what he makes (for himself) possible. Has the time come to make it possible for itself The Brighter Future.
And didn't we risk our life for lesser endeavours?
I present to Your attention my film "Lost Paradise".
This film I denote to the victims in the system of the consumers and to salvation of human civilization and to salvation of tropical wood and rain forest including.
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Опубликовала Виринея Байрос, 05.11.2009 в 12:53


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